Training Cell

Soft Skill Training

A Special Training Cell at KGIET is a unique step envisaged by the policymakers of Dr. Sau. Kamaltai Gawai College of Engineering and Technology. The institute has taken this initiative to inculcate moral values and skills through Training & Research. It has a qualified Trainer and Infrastructure in point of view to provide motivated, skilled, technically sound and competent manpower to meet the needs of Corporate and Academic Organizations. KGIET ventured into the world of education with a vision for enlightening minds especially from rural area. The dynamic visionary members of academic council of the college envisioned the need for creative students. Translating this need into practice laid the seed for the development of the concept of a full-fledged training department in the campus.
Training Modules: Soft Skills and Life skills.
• Challenges in Communication.
• Presentation Skills.
• Public Speaking.
• Interpersonal Relationship.
• Research Methodology.
• Leadership Development.
• Time Management.
• Shaping Attitude.
• PPT Preparation.
• Stress Management.
• Role Play.

Additional Modules for Soft Skill

1 Fundamentals of Communication
2. Interpersonal Skills.
3. Interviewing.
4. Group Communication.
5. Leadership Development.
6. Time management.
7. Stress Management.
8. Research Methodology.
9. Public Speaking.

English Language and Neutral Accent:

1. Phonetics Symbols and Sound Stress
2. Pattern in Words
3. NuetralAccent