Principal Desk

Dr. S.T.Warghat


I welcome you all to Dr. Sau. Kamaltai Gawai Institute of Engineering & Technology, KGIET, Darapur. It is widely acknowledged that engineers are the backbone of the society and have great responsibility towards development of the nation as also the mankind. ‘Engineering’ is the science of applying scientific concepts for improving quality of life.It essentially deals with application of technology and balances the realm of pure knowledge and its use. Keeping the above in mind, KGIET is providing engineers, as well as aspiring engineer, a platform for gainful professional interaction and development so as to contribute in the national growth.
Our institute also provides the engineering fraternity a platform to enhance their skills and knowledgebase through mutual interaction and affording an opportunity to share their thoughts with the stalwarts in the field of engineering. I am confident that the College is in a position to deliver the best theoretical and practical training to the students and offer the best talent to the employers. In order to promote professional activities and peer learning, the College has established Students’ Chapters of CSI, IEEE, ISTE and SAE as well as students departmental associations. The students are given training in interview techniques and related soft skills to develop the multi-faceted personality to flourish in their career. I wish all the best to the aspiring students, parents, employers and all other stake-holders in achieving their goals…