ME-Mechanical Engineering [CAD/CAM]

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is a special branch of Mechanical Engineering that employs a wide range of computer based tools and techniques assisting engineers in design and manufacturing activities. Geometrical Modelling, Engineering Analysis, Software Simulations Optimization, Validation are some of the well-known concepts involved in the study of computer aided design and manufacturing.‎

Globalized market demands products of high quality with lower cost designed by cross functional teams. This has become possible by only practicing Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing. The course is designed to impart philosophy of CAD/CAM as Computational Geometry, Feature Based Machining, Computer Aided Engineering, Discrete Event System Simulation, Manufacturing Modelling, Product Life Cycle Management and Optimization Techniques. The programme provides an excellent opportunity for students to keep abreast of recent technological developments in the areas of Mechatronic, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Robotics, and Industrial Automation through balanced curriculum, guided coursework and research projects.‎

We at KGIET offer the best programmes designed to prepare professionals for the challenges and opportunities that are abound in modern technology and society. The CAD/CAM software and tools are updated regularly to comply with the latest trends in the engineering sector and support the students to indulge in extensive research on different aspects of engineering designs.

ME – CAD/CAM Eligibility

  • Aspiring students should have passed a BE / B.Tech degree or any equivalent qualification from a recognized University
  • The candidates must possess Non-Zero GATE Score.
  • For Sponsored Candidate They have 2 year experience in relevant field.