Infrastructure Labs

Infrastructure Labs

Following are the major laboratory in the department:
Strength of Material lab
Fluid Mechanics and turbo Machinery lab
Production Technology lab
Mechanical Measurement lab
Engineering Metallurgy lab
Energy conversion lab
Theory of machine lab
Heat Transfer lab
Mechatronics lab
I.C. Engine lab

Strength of Material Lab (Experimental setup)
Universal Testing Machine.
Impact Testing Machine.
Hardness Testing Machine.
Spring Testing Machine.
Torsion Testing Machine.

Fluid Mechanics and Turbo Machinery Lab(Experimental setup)
Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig.
]Francis Turbine Test Rig.
Kaplan Turbine Test Rig.
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.
Gear Pump Test Rig.
Jet Pump Test Rig.
Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
Metacentric Height set-up.
Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem.
Set up for Venturimeter.
Set up for Measurement of Reynolds Number.
Set up for Measurement of Coefficient of friction for a pipe.
Set up for Measurement of Head loss due to sudden enlargement.
Set up for Measurement of losses in Bend.
Set up for Measurement of losses in Elbows.

CAD /CAM/ CAE lab (Experimental setup )
2 MBPS Internet Connectivity
30 Terminals with TFT Monitor connected in local area network (LAN)
Two Laser Printer and Two 132 column Dot Matrix Printer.
Lab is equipped with LCD and 32” X 32” size screen.
Off-line UPS Power Back-up Equipped with latest Software like AutoCAD R2011 (50 User License)
Mechanical Desk Top

Production Technology lab (Experimental setup )
Determination of Angular dimensions Measurement Instrument.
Precision angular Measurement using Sine Bar.
Measurement of gear tooth thickness by Gear tooth vernier caliper.
Measurement of Circularity/Roundness of a given specimen apparatus.
Measurement of Screw thread element by floating carriage micrometer.
Preparation of X and R chart for the given lot of sample.
Preparation of process chart.

Mechanical Measurement lab (Experimental setup)
Measurement of Strain using Strain Gauges Module (Cantilever module).
Dead weight Pressure gauge Tester.
Measurement of Linear displacement by LVDT Module.
Dead weight pressure gauge Tester (0.5Kg to 50Kg).
Temperature Measurement Module. Temperature Measurement Thermister Module.
Speed Measurement by Optical Pick-up and proximity Switch.
Capacitive Type Inter- level Measurement Set-up.

Engineering Metallurgy lab (Experimental setup )
Single disc polishing machine.
Muffle Furnace.
Metallurgical Microscopes.

Energy Conversion & I.C. Engine lab (Experimental setup )
Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke Diesel Engine.
Three Cylinder, 4-Stroke Petrol Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer.
Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke Petrol Engine with Rope Brake Dynamometer.
Two Stroke Reciprocating Air Compressor with Inter Cooler.
Air Blower Testing Apparatus. Gas Turbine Model.
Model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler.
Model of Locomotive Boiler.
Model of Cochran Boiler.
Model of Super Heater.
Model of Green’s Economizer.
Model of De-Lavel Turbine.
Model of Steam Engine.
Model of Float type Steam Trap Valve.
Model of Steam Injector.
Model of Dead weight Safety Valve.
Combined high Steam low water Valve.

Theory of Machine lab (Experimental setup )
Universal Vibration Apparatus.
Whirling Speed of Shaft Measurement apparatus.
Cam Apparatus Machine.
Governor Apparatus.
Cam and Follower Model (4 Nos.) Rotary and Reciprocating Masses.
Model of Brakes (4 Nos.)

Heat Transfer lab (Experimental setup )
Thermal conductivity of metal rod measurement apparatus.
Thermal conductivity of insulating powder, measurement apparatus.
Heat transfer through composite wall measurement apparatus.
Pin fin apparatus for measurement of fin efficiency.
Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus.
Emissivity of grey body measurement apparatus.
Heat transfer in forced convection apparatus.
Heat transfer in natural convection apparatus.
Parallel flow/counter flow heat exchanger.
Heat pipe apparatus.
Unsteady state heat transfer apparatus.

Mechatronics lab (Experimental setup )
Pick N Place Trainer.
PLC Trainer with M-1400.
Electro Hydraulic Control System Trainer.
Electro Pneumatic Trainer.
Traffic Light Control Module.
Stepper Motor Control Using PLC Discrete Component Application.