Computer Scinece & Engineering

The Department has well-qualified faculty members who are specialized in areas like Artificial & Expert System, Neural Networks, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages, Web Development, DBMS& Data warehousing Data mining, Computer Networks & Communication, Software Project Management and Multimedia Applications. The students are encouraged and trained in order to face the challenges of the competitive world and are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the industrial and technical sectors.

The students are also encouraged to carry out mini-projects for their future projects.To conduct special seminars covering latest developments and trends in the field of Computer Science, a fully equipped Seminar Hall with enough seating capacity is being attached with the department. The equipment’s including Head Projectors, LCD projector, and a dedicated laptop.

Unit Tests are conducted once a month and the students are counseled and motivated to bring out their best performance. Feedback is obtained regularly from the students. Staff are appraised by the students, Head of the Department, Head of the Institution and also there self.