About IQAC

  1. About IQAC
    • Introduction

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) was established in KGIET in 2016.The IQAC monitors the academic functioning of the college. The IQAC has been so constituted that the external members representing industry and other corporate sectors contribute to the designing of workshops, training and other developmental plans of the college to achieve quality enhancement of the students. Involvement and contribution of the students, Teachers, Industry and other stake holders by one way or the other has been solicited by IQAC to reach to the goal.

    • Quality Oath

As a member of KGIET, my action will affect the well-being of all stakeholders; accordingly, I will strive to strive to sustain and enhance quality while maintaining a commitment to social, ethical and global values.

    • Quality Pledge
      • I pledge to take responsibilities and perform my duties to the best of my abilities in the service of KGIET.
      • I will strive to uphold the standing of the institution, with special obligation placed on encouraging and championing the pursuits of my fellow members.
      • I will act with utmost integrity and pursue my work in an ethical manner.
      • I will practice my profession in uprightness and honor; whatever work I shall undertake; it shall be for the enrichment of institute’s quality to the utmost of my power.
      • I will act with integrity and respect in all my dealings, making transparency paramount and demanding the same in return.
      • I will allow neither ego nor malice to play a role in my decision-making process.
      • I will not permit considerations of religion, race or social standing to intervene between my duty and my work.
    • Quality Statement

                       “Our mission Quality Eduacation”

    • Quality Policy

                       “To be the center of excellence in providing quality education, training and research in the domain of Engineering and Technology”