Electrical Engineering

About Department

With an aim to broaden the educational background of students, the department offers studies in Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics and humanities. The department of Engineering Physics has a well-equipped LASER laboratory and has made significant research contribution on International level in the fields of acoustics and solid state physics. Offering facilities of testing and consultancy, the department of Engineering chemistry, focuses its research on biodiesel, synthesis of natural products, waste water treatment, adsorption etc. Basic research activities by the department of mathematics include providing necessary theory, numerical and computational techniques. The department of humanities provides studies in economics as well as psychological and sociological subjects.
First year Department has seven different laboratories each laboratory has equipped with latest available equipments and having total area of 1425m2 (15318.75 feet2).

First year Department consists of following major departments:
Mathematics & Humanities.
Department of Core Engineering

About Department First year engineering course was started in the year 2008. Our students have shown excellent results in academics, sports, cultural, co-curricular events under the guidance of highly qualified, experienced, promising and co-operative staff members. This young baby of Shri. Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable trust, Amravati has rapidly gained the reputation amongst the top t Engineering Colleges of Maharashtra within a short span of 5 years only.
In the year 2008, co-education was started in the college and it was renamed as the Dr. (Sau.) Kamaltai Gawai College of Engineering. Department of Engineering Sciences is a unique combination of seven fundamental subjects including basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and core engineering subjects such as Electrical, Computer Programming, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics. These are the foundation courses for all Engineering branches hence a common course is offered to all students during first year engineering. All the staff members of department is deeply committed for the improvement and betterment of F.E. students.
Department of Core Engineering and Engineering Sciences is comprised of seven sub-departments e.g. Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Computer Programming, Engineering Drawing. Total 420 students are admitted each year in first year engineering course.